Sunday, October 04, 2009

This And That

Mom was good this week.

Now that she is among folks with similar problems, I can compare how she is relative to others.

• First is that she is still able to read. She hardly gets any practice but she was reading aloud the text on the television the other day.

• Second, she can still talk. What she says doesn't always make sense because she mis-remembers, but she can communicate and carry on conversations. Others talk in gibberish or stay mostly silent.

I'm planning a vacation soon and I hope I can do more than just sleep and stress out in my hotel room. If I do, I do, but I have to try. I set up a counseling session this week and I'm considering regular massages, too. However, I'm afraid that massages will loosen up kidney stones and cause me long term agony for short term relaxation.

I think I was fighting a throat infection that was dragging me down. I discovered that one of the ducts in the back of my throat near the tonsils was plugged with 'gunk'. I looked it up online and it seems to be a fairly common occurrence with the only long term solution being a tonsillectomy. That, at my age, would be horrible so I've decided I'll keep an eye on it and remove anything as it forms and garble with salt water. The web article says that these globs incubate the bacteria in your mouth so I think that my body fighting this is what contributed to dragging me down. I felt tired but not really sick. Things have been much better lately but I'm still not 100%. Had my seasonal flu shot, too, so I can avoid any trouble this winter.


karen said...

I hope you get you duct unplugged before vacation. Just go and have fun . You need to get out of the house.
Glad you mom is doing so well.
Have fun on vacation.

citygirl said...

It's kinda nice to see your mom is still functioning pretty well in some areas, isn't it? I remember being happy that my mom could still feed herself (even if that included stealing other residents food!).

I often get quasi-colds in the fall & winter. It's weird - I often feel like a sore throat is coming on so I douse it with Neo Citran, vitamin C & etc and it goes away. Wonder if I've got plugged up ducts too!?