Friday, October 09, 2009

It's Vacation Time

I had my first appointment with the new counselor last night. It went well and I left thinking that I can turn things around in my life.

I leave today for vacation. I've been feeling quite a bit of anxiety but I'm going to go anyway. When the situation here at home was different and I couldn't go, I did nothing but dream of the time I could travel whenever I wished. Now that I can, I seem to be in a bit of self sabotage.

It should all go without a hitch and I've travelled enough that I can handle anything that comes up.


Mom said...

Have a wonderful time. Come home refreshed and renewed.

Lacey said...

isn't it funny how, although we are total strangers, we can be concerned when a blogger drops out of sight for awhile. I think it says something about us, but I'm not sure what. But something. so yeah, it's like, I know you, but really, I have no idea who you are.

Did you ever hear of Cooper's Corridor? Yeah, I was a believer, right up til the end. Then, stunned. So stunned that I stopped blogging.

Enjoy your vacation.

Lacey said...

what bloggers might you meet in DC?

karen said...

have fun.

Gavin said...

Lacey--I sent messages to Doralong of What Would Jackie Wear and Sean of Just A Jeep Guy. I did see Mike of Mike in the Middle Ages at the parade.

citygirl said...

I'm all about self sabotage somedays!

Trips freak me out too. When my mom was at home, I couldn't travel very much and if I did, I worried like crazy. When my mom was in care, I'd travel but worry and have super anxiety that something would happen.

On my first trip after my mom had passed, I was still out of sorts but by my second trip, I was doing better. I have a posting about it on my blog.