Friday, September 07, 2007

Sweet Dreams

In yesterday's post, I mentioned a couple of things that needed to be discussed further in future posts. I'll do the quick one today about picking leaves.

On Tuesday, mother dear actually took a break from yard work and came in the house in the afternoon. She wandered into the den where I was working on the computer and fell asleep on the couch behind me.

I heard her rustling so I turned around to check and see what was going on. Usually, she's staring right back at me, which is kinda creepy.

This time she is sound asleep but she must be having the best dream of her life. She is picking leaves in her sleep!

Yes, she is literally moving her hands and picking and grabbing with her right hand and then transferring the imaginary maple leaves into her left hand where she collects them. When she can't hold anymore in her left hand, she makes a pile somewhere that I dutifully pick up on a sweep of the yard in the evening.

At least she has a hobby she gets into!


proudprogressive said...

Hmmm it does sound that things are getting even more challenging for you YOY. Like the way you continue to try and look on the bright side..(that has got to be getting wearing) Indeed she does have a hobby she gets into. Remember to get your respite too , its essential for you of course. Your yard must be the most leaf free in the entire city.

Hang in there bud !

- pp

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog -- thanks for the insight. My mom was just diagnosed w/ AD. Very sad. D