Thursday, September 06, 2007


I needed to be on a conference call with my client at noon. Since I wouldn't be able to track mother dear, I went out and brought her in from the backyard. (Yup, she was picking leaves...more on that in another post.) I told her it was time for a break, to come in and eat her oatmeal and have a drink.

I explained to her that I was going to be on a conference call for work and then I went in the den, closed the door, and dialed in. This was an important call on a project that I will earn several thousand dollars. My brother ended up stopping by on his lunch 1/2 hour as he frequently does and I could hear them talking in the other room. He rapped lightly on the door at 12:25 to tell me he was headed back to work.

He calls at 5:00 to tell me that mom was really out of it when he was here. Apparently she told him that "we" were in the back room "talking about her." I think this was the first sign of paranoia. When he asked, she couldn't tell him who or what we were saying.

Earlier in the day, the housekeeper was here and we chit chatted about a number of things, including the schedule of the aide (more on that in another post...I gotta catch y'all up!) that comes in because the housekeeper needs to switch her schedule around.

We think that our talking and not including her makes her jealous. The time she wandered a couple of weeks ago was when the housekeeper was here. Mom was upset but we weren't sure why. Now I guess I can't talk to the housekeeper when she's here without causing some effect. She's one of my bright spots and one of the few contacts I have with someone who isn't crazy!

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A Single Man said...

My partner has been paranoid on and off for years...getting worse now.

He thought that I was conspiring with his Drs. to have him comitted...and that I was stealing from him...and that someone was coming into our back yard and breaking branches on our hedges.

I feel for you, YOY.