Monday, April 23, 2007

I Snapped

I pride myself on my patience, but today I snapped. I wasn't even aware I did it.

Mom: [Pointing to the yard next door.] What's that black thing?

Me: [Snappily replying.] It's a black piece of plastic.

Mom: Geez!

Me: It's just that you ask every time you see it. [I've told her at least 100 times.]

Mom: Sorry.


Mom said...

You honor your mother every day with love and patience. She knows she is loved.

Max Ambrose said...

Don't we all snap from time to time?

proudprogressive said...

Y, on the plus side ..she has probably already forgotten you were snappy. i have always believed from my work experience, that the emotional connections..a big smile , a hug..go far in making the connection..buddy give yourself a break You are human. If thats your worst of the week you are doing swell. Hang in and take care of you ! Have some laughes , you know what to do...and yes she knows she knows she is loved and some guy is there..a real nice guy..YOU taking care of her.

And if she remembers who you are now..well that is a blessing. One day it may only be the famiiarity of your face or scent...if that...What a lot you have on your plate..dear man.