Friday, April 27, 2007

Not "Driving" Me Crazy

If I leave the house, it often triggers mom's desire to drive again. She's sitting at home and I have freedom. So the good news is that I was able to go out with friends the past two evenings and she hasn't started down the "I need to start driving again" path. And that has kept me from having any guilty feelings that get triggered in me. I got to get out of the house without feeling punished! (I say "feeling punished" because while she certainly isn't doing it on purpose, I've been spared literally hours and hours of explaining why she can't drive.)


proudprogressive said...

YOY, its great to hear you got a bit of spring time "off". Hope whatever you ended up doing, you enjoyed the evenings and your friends.

your buddy,


proudprogressive said...

aha ! checked your other blog. I remember Lark street quite well. Used to live quite close to it in fact. What a great group of buds you got. Handsome devils all ! Anyhow very cool that you spent your time doing good deeds and having fun at the same time. Well deserved ! Glad your mom forgot that she wasn't driving..a sad but welcome small favor for a man in need of a couple of nights out on the town.