Friday, April 20, 2007

A Beautiful Day

The crocus are still blooming, the daffodils and hyacinth are out of the ground, and the peonies have buds. It is in the 60's and we expect it to be in the 70's this weekend.

As I've previously mentioned, Mom likes to bend at the waist and pick things. Lint on the carpet, weeds, etc. She's out picking leaves stuck in the perennials right now. Cat #1, who loves the grass, is rolling around and enjoying the sun. She lays on her side and moves along by pulling at the ground with her front legs and pushing with her back. Cat #2, who hates the grass, is on the sidewalk rolling on her back in full sun.

Sometimes I feel like I have three children!


Max Ambrose said...

Congratulations on a successful end to the mouse situation. We have a problem in our house....that is one of the two cats constantly "mistakes" socks for mice. Thus, there will be socks from the basement laundry left outside of our bedroom door. But, I will take socks over real mice any day!

Max Ambrose said...

P.S.- I think my crocus are done for the year....but I am further south than you are.

proudprogressive said...

Horray for a beautiful day ! Its about time eh ? I have to laugh, your household in some ways sounds like mine, though it is surely quite different. I continually wage a battle on lint,mostly due to living in a very dry climate..i don't have a dryer. Being retired,don't need work clothes so its all ok. Lint brushes are my friend.
I live in the high desert,yes there is grass in the pasture i live. The horses and mini donkeys free range. There is also a lot of RED dirt.
My two cats, one is a brown/gold tortie (my old girl) loves to roll in the dirt thus bringing back on her back, mass quantities of red dust to everywhere, including my lap and bed linen.

She used to be agoraphobic when we lived in Berkeley so it's a joy to see her relax and revel in the sun. But oye what a mess.

My big red mouser boy is so big fluffy, its hard to tell when he rolls in the dirt. Once a friend saw him at night in the headlights out here and swore it was NOT a cat but a larger animal !I said no thats him. And he holds me accountable when the weather is inclement. (as if) their cat door is great but when it rains there are RED kitty prints all over.