Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Phoenix

On this Christian day of observance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I bring you the story of the Phoenix Rising!

Mom was doing very well on our visit yesterday.

She drifted between states of awake and sleep, showing signs of awareness when her eyes were open. She is eating and the nursing staff reports that she's able to feed herself if the food is put in little bowls that she can manage.

Next week they are going to test her ability to walk. She keeps trying to get up out of her chair and was able to stand unassisted in the shower.

We met with a funeral director this week and got everything in place. Who knows how far ahead those plans will come to fruition? We figured she had only days to live just a couple of weeks ago!


citygirl said...

Great to hear your mom is doing well. It's amazing the strength they have sometimes to go on. We were surprised how many times my mom survived different things.

Anonymous said...

Just read that your mom isn't doing well - so sorry to hear that. I hope your health is improving?

karen said...

So glad she is doing well. I made mom's funeral plans yrs ago. Paying it off by the month. I might have it paid off before she needs it. Which is ok with me.

citygirl said...

You haven't posted in a while - hope you are doing well?

Gavin said...

Yep, I'm still here! Mom has been about the same. Latest info is that they are going to wean her off of Xanax and see where that takes us. She was on it since my father died in the early 90's. We upped the dosage when she went into the assisted care facility because she was having trouble adjusting. She doesn't seem very aware of her surroundings now so I don't think she will be stressed without it. We'll see!

Thanks for checking on me! I suppose I should do a post.

citygirl said...

I guess I should do a post too - I've been slacking!

Martha said...

How are you and your mom?