Thursday, December 09, 2010

Lady Godiva

"Lady Godiva was a freedom rider, she didn't care if the whole world looked..."
Well, how quickly we can go from having a really great day to one that isn't so good.

I found Mom sitting in the lobby asleep in a chair. She was next to a card table that had been set up so Activities Director 1 (AD1) could clip, file, and paint some of the ladies fingernails. I pulled up a chair and sat next to Mother Dear. She held the shoe and sock from her right foot in her hand. She's been obsessed with how her shoelaces are tied. They are never quite right no matter how many times they're tied.

When I placed my hand on her arm to let her know I was there, she jumped from being startled, then stared at me blankly. She was in a really heightened state of confusion.

When she finally came around, she asked why I hadn't kissed her. My brother had just told me that she'd started doing something weird with him where she puckers up, makes a smooching sound, and asks for a kiss. He wonders if she thinks he's her husband. After today, I'm not so sure. I think it's just something she's started doing.

We sat for a while, chatting with AD1, and the various residents and aides that passed by. I'm very social while I'm there so everyone stops to talk for a bit.

Mom looked at her shoe, mumbled something and started to get up. I questioned her on what she wanted and I was ignored. Not on purpose, I just think she was in her own little world. Up she got and started to leave. AD1 got up and offered her a glass of water and tried to persuade her back to the table. No luck.

I watched as she shuffled down the hall towards the activities room. I felt like I didn't exist. Maybe this is the start of what it will be like when she doesn't recognize me at all. Right now she recognizes me as someone special that is nice to her but I don't think she knows I'm her son or related to her in any way. In fact, I don't think she comprehends the concept of people being related. She hasn't asked for her mother and father in a while and that was something she did pretty consistently.

Five minutes later I found her asleep on a couch in the activities room. I went over and sat by her. She was having a lot of dreams — moving her feet, talking, manipulating imaginary things with her hands. Twenty minutes after that she woke up and started complaining about her sweater.

She was pretty quick in getting the sweater half way pulled off before I could stop her. I asked her what was wrong. I explained that removing clothes wasn't acceptable. I tried to restrain her arms and get the sweater back on. I commanded her to stop.

It was like trying to hold a cat that doesn't want to be held. They wriggle and squirm until they get away.

So Mom got the sweater off, with nothing on underneath except her birthday suit. I looked around the room, half embarrassed and half feeling helpless, to see the 25 people in the room watching the whole performance.

I told her to hold the sweater over her like a blanket. At least that covered her and kept her boobs from flopping around. I heard someone say, "Oh she does that all the time." Uh, oh.

As quickly as she had taken it off, she flopped back against the couch, exasperated that she couldn't get her damn sweater ON! I helped her put it on and that ended the burlesque show.

Then it was time for her to eat and for me to beat a hasty retreat!


citygirl said...

I'm lucky my mom wasn't a Lady Godiva but a friend's mom was - loved to take her clothes off!

My mom also seemed to not understand who I was after a while but as long as she smiled at me, trusted me and knew I loved her, that's what counted :)

karen said...

I know you were glad to get out of there that day. I am not sure mom knows me but she yells for me alot. But when I answer she is silent. She used to call for her mom and dad some but mostly her sister or brothers. She has never gone nude. I have to say I am glad she skipped the phase. Good Luck on your next visit. You are a great son. Merry Christmas!