Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays 2010!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings and all that jazz.

My brother and I visited Mom 10 days ago for the facility's Christmas party. They served a buffet and the residents could invite two guests. The spread was similar to last year: beef stroganoff, lemon chicken, stuffing w/ broccoli, cheese mashed potatoes, macaroni salad, berry jello, and white layer cake.

When we arrived, Mom was upstairs in the beauty parlor having her hair done so she looked great when we saw her. She knew my brother but not me. He pointed to me and asked her, "Who's that?" She looked right past me. No clue.

We left before the arrival of Santa and the gift exchange. That much crazy in such a small space makes me anxious.

Last night we got a call that they had called the rescue squad to take Mom to the ER. She had a spell while they were showering her. Based on their description, it sounded similar to the mini seizures she had while here. She would be okay within 15 minutes and I mentioned that to the nurse who called. She confirmed that Mom was indeed feeling better already but they were going to sent her to the ER anyway. They have to play it safe and I understand why.

I had the option of going up to the hospital, a 45 minute drive, but the nurse said she wasn't sure that they'd even admit her and she'd probably be brought back. Given that I'd seen this before, and that she had already come out of it, I opted to have them call me if things changed.

The ER doctors diagnosed her with a UTI, wrote a prescription, and did indeed send her back last night. I called this morning and they reported that she's back to her 'normal' self this morning.

She can't really talk anymore and hasn't recognized me at all over the past 2 weeks.
It's been a long time since she knew I was her son and my name but at least she'd know me as a friendly face that was there to see her. When dementia patients are sick, they can't really tell you, so the staff watches for changes in behavior. It now occurs to me that her lack of recognition could have been due to the UTI rather than just having a bad day or following the normal progression of the illness.

Maybe she will change back to knowing me once she gets on the new med for the UTI. Let's hope!


citygirl said...

Very nice that you went to the Christmas party. I wish I had gone to more of those events. Like you, I got pretty anxious when surrounded by that much crazy!

Good to hear your mom is ok and it was a UTI. My mom used to get those too and they definitely throw them off (more off than usual!). My mom also had mini seizures too. Scary stuff but good that your mom is doing ok now.

I remember when my mom's talking became less and less. So sad. What I'd give to have her babbling on about nothing now...

ChickPea said...

UTIs can creep in slowly or erupt in a few hours - and always seem to present in unexpected or completely obtuse ways. Hindsight is a great companion in such a situation - tho the "Why didn't I realize" thoughts can be overpowering. Be gentle on yourself - dementia of any sort is a horrible experience. That you are managing to be there with your Mum is a great gift to her, and you'll feel the benefit for you too in time.

Wishing you all strength and best humour for 2011. x

ArichNY said...

I think of you often. I'm imagining that it is still difficult at times for you. I have been fortunate in that I hadn't had to see either of my parents go through dementia or alzheimer's. I send loving and supportive thoughts your way Gavin.

A Single Man said...

Gotta be tough when mum doesn't recognize her boy. Here's hoping that the new meds help.