Monday, July 19, 2010

Resident Update

Here's an update on the characters previously mentioned here on the blog:

The Klepto
The Klepto fell and was hospitalized. She isn't able to feed herself any longer so she has been moved somewhere else. I asked the staff how much loot they found when she was moved out. Surprisingly little!

The Slapper
Slapper went downhill fast back in January. After falling, she died in the hospital shortly thereafter.

The Baby Mama
Same as Slapper.

Socks still bumbles around in those white socks with gray bottoms. She is declining slowly. She always has a smile for me but is generally crabby to most everyone else.

The Jackrabbit
The Jackrabbit stays in his room after being physically threatened by one of the dementia-stricken male residents (Houdini).

Gidget has become less interactive with the group. She had been talking when they were playing Bingo etc. but now is quiet in her participation. I would hear her humming to herself but that has stopped, too.

Twinkle Toes
Twinkle Toes likes me. But, she doesn't like my brother, sneering at him and imitating his laugh with a cackle of her own. I've seen her brother visiting a couple of times in the past month so that's good. She is silent, and you think she's isn't capable of talking, until one of the other residents rubs her the wrong way. Sternly warning, while shaking her clenched fist, "Get away from me, you bitch, or I'll knock you up side the head!"

Pittsburg and Tex
Pittsburg stays in his room most of the time watching television. The situation with Tex is a blog post I have yet to write.

The Imp, The Lesbian Haircut, and The Bitch
I never see The Imp.

The Lesbian Haircut and my brother have become fast friends and he always invites her to sit by him when he's there. She still wanders around lost and seems to be rapidly losing abilities. She was given a little carton of milk with a straw the other day and didn't know how to drink it. Then she was given a small root beer float (it was Western-themed Day!) with a spoon and didn't understand that, using two of her fingers to fish out the ice cream to eat.

The Bitch and I haven't had any negative run-ins. I found her crying in her wheelchair in the hallway one day last week. I asked if there was anything I could do, get for her, or take her anywhere that would help. She said "No" but seemed to feel better that someone had acknowledged her and asked. Her daughters Bruisilla and Jihad Jane are around quite a bit and aren't nearly as scary as first impressions would lead you to believe.

That's the update for now. With so many that have passed away or moved on, there are a whole slew of new folks I need to tell you about. There's The Fright and many more!

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citygirl said...

I bet the Klepto has a safe house where oodles of stuff are stored!

So sad when residents's usually quite a hard recovery, if at all. I was always worried about my mom falling so when she started using a wheelchair, I was supportive. Didn't like to see her in a wheelchair but I figured it was safer.