Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Top 50 Online Resources For Families Coping With Alzheimer's

Rachel D. tipped me to a blog post "Top 50 Online Resources For Families Coping With Alzheimer's" that mentions this blog.

I am really, really honored. Thank you.

For my readers, bop on over and see if any of the other links interest you!


Greg said...

Congratulations. I find it helps more than I might have expected to know that someone is reading my words and recognising their value. Keep up the good work. It would be lovely if your mention in this list brought something useful back to you, as well.

Marianne Cooper said...

Your blog was the first I came across one night after deciding to move Mom back to her home and I decided to move there too. Out of 3 children I was the sole caregiver for her. I always said no matter what I would take care of her and have her with me. AD was new to me and I was researching everything I could find. That's how I found you. From that day on I never felt alone.You made me realize that humor and looking on the bright side will get me thru the difficult times.There are numerous blogs that I followed and all you became my "family". She was diagnosed with Parkinson's about 6 months ago and I lost her 15 days ago. You all helped me so much because you were walking in my shoes. When I'd get really stressed out and losing my sanity I yelled on ocassion, but I would always tell her that I was sorry and give her a hug and kiss and all was right with the world. I learned how important that physical contact was to both of us. I would do it all over again and thanks for making me laugh when I really needed to. Mostly was I got was to treat her with dignty and respect, and find the humor. I have so many funny memories of things we/she did. My all time favorite: It was easier to get her "specimen" at home then take it to her Dr. I got her loaded in my truck (BIG) but remembered I forgot my purse. So I said "Hold on to this for me and I'll be right back" one minute later I jumped into the drivers seat and before I could close the door she was offering me a sip of her drink!! Half the jar was gone. Hurried to the appt. and told them what had just happened and that we were lucky to even have a specimen at all. That I'm sure, made their day! Miss her terribly, not use to all this free time, but oh the memories are priceless. I know now that at this time in our lives we both really needed each other. And your blog. Thanks for helping me get thru my journey with Mom.

Gavin said...

Marianne -- I'm sorry for your loss. It's good to look at the funny side of things. I think caregivers would be defeated from the start if they didn't, and it certainly is better to have fun and fond memories of our relatives than the downside.

Good luck in your adjustment. My Mom's been in assisted living for a year now and I'm still figuring things out!

Suzanna said...

Wonderful blog - congrats on being in the topline resources.
We stumbled upon your blog while looking for resources.

Another thing we stumbled about recently is a new documentary film about how creative arts opens a window to the Alzheimer's soul - here is the article - it inspired us so want to share with you: