Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alzheimer's Got Your Tongue?

Yesterday was a pretty good day with Mom, although she slept almost the entire time I was there. She was sitting alone on a love seat when I arrived so I sat down beside her. Now, on my way to visit, I stop at the local convenience mart and pick up a USA Today newspaper and do the Sudoku and crossword puzzles during my visit.

My brother reported that one of the residents we've come to know and befriend asked if Mom was talking to him that day. It confirmed what we've noticed: she is increasingly quiet as it becomes more and more difficult for her to form the words to express her thoughts. She used to get frustrated, now she barely tries.

I also found out that there was another death. This time it was The Baby Mama. It is so sad that these folks are there, then not. I guess that's the nature of death.


Lacey said...

My observation has been that sleep is a refuge for them. Well, not only them, come to think of it. Works for me too, on occasion.

citygirl said...

I was saddened when my mom became quieter and quieter. I used to get slightly frustrated and sad at her repeating things but I would have traded the silence in a heartbeat.

They do start sleeping a lot more too. Funny what Lacey said - sleep worked as a refuge for me also!

Latane Barton said...

We seem to be in the same situation as you are, my husband seldom finds words to express himself now. When he does, it makes no sense. But, I am thankful for what words he does have. And, yes, I carry my handwork (crochet, quilting, crossword puzzles etc) to do while I sit with him. I just can't sit still for very long.