Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Look Of A Private Room

Here's a look at my Mom's private room. Nice but basic. We've chosen not to decorate the walls, etc. because she spends so little time in there and it would just be more clutter. The rooms of some residents are packed full of stuff. I assume it's because they sold their previous living space and tried to take as much with them as they could. In our case, I live in Mom's house so all of her things are still here.

I try to have fresh flowers on the dresser and I've put a couple of plants on the window sill.


Greg said...

That looks really nice, and well-maintained, too.

My Mum's place is strikingly similar, if maybe a little less adventurous in colour scheme. Mum seemed to relish the spareness of her room but I eventually decided to cover the walls in photos and family artwork.

Did I do so to help her or to demonstrate my care? It's complicated.

It's nice, too, to take new items from her old home in now and then. She likes them (of course) but often doesn't recognise them, so it seems to her that I have unerring taste in presenting her with "just the right thing". No wonder she thinks I'm her Husband sometimes.

karen said...

I like the color. It is nice. My mother-in-law lived in a home for awhile and I put up a picture of my son. The staff got made .Said they did not want the walls destroyed. I hope your moms new home's staff is nicer.

David Schantz said...

That is a nice room/place.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

citygirl said...

That is a nice place. Similar to what my mom had. I brought family photos for the top of her dresser and I doubt she recognized any of them but it made me feel better (how self-serving of me).

Is the floor carpet? I can't seem to tell.

I think it's nice that they have their own private washrooms. I'm pretty sure that's standard (I think?) but I was relieved to see private washrooms when we were placed my mom.

It's funny...I just realized that I never took pictures of my mom's room even though I do take pictures of almost everything. It's almost like I didn't want to document that part of our lives.

Lacey said...

It looks spacious. My father in laws room is SO small. Not that it's any of my business, but is she private pay?

Gavin said...

Karen--Yes, they allow things on the wall. Oy, you should see some of the rooms and how they are decorated!

Citygirl--It has carpet that is like what you'd find in a workplace. In fact, the same stuff is throughout the entire place. They have an "extractor" that they used to pull the "accidents" out of the carpet.

Lacey--She has long term care insurance that covers most and her social security covers the rest for the room. For a private room, it is $128/day. I think shared rooms are around $110/day. Her healthcare is covered through her former employer that we pay premium to and then Medicare picks up the rest of that beyond the co-pays.