Friday, August 14, 2009

The Waste Basket — Literally

I don't think I wrote about finding my Mom's waste basket full of tinkle a couple of weeks ago.

I went out and alerted the staff. What I thought was going to be a big deal barely made a blip on their radar. They were in the room in two seconds cleaning things up but things like this are a common occurrence. People pee in their chairs, and by "their" I mean the staff's desk chairs, pee in the plants, pee in their pants, etc. I guess the fact that Mom actually hit a waste basket was a good thing!

My brother went up today and called me to report that she'd done one better. I had told him to make sure she goes to the bathroom before she goes in and gets seated for dinner. He guided her into the bathroom, and after hearing her grunting and groaning, he peaks in and she's doing her business in the waste basket in the bathroom. Not just #1, but a healthy #2 as well. All while she's looking right at the toilet.

They've been putting Depends on her. I thought she might be going in her pants because she couldn't get to the toilet in time or knew enough to ask. But from this episode, it would appear that she has forgotten what a toilet is for.

Poor Mother Dear.


David Schantz said...

Sue sometimes wears Depends to bed. It's usually when she has been having trouble with her Crohn's Disease. She has accident's in her sleep. When she is awake and knows she has to go it is a right now thing. I have a feeling this could become more of a problem as the Alzheimer's progresses.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

citygirl said...

I used to cringe when mom was still well enough to go to the washroom by herself (in the toilet!) but was getting her HANDS involved somehow. UGH!! You can just let your imagination roll with that one.

Gavin said...

Citygirl--Yep, just went through that the other day. Mom holds up her hand and asks what's all over her fingers. Ugh. I ran and got a washcloth to clean her up. Double ugh. She's been constipated so I'm pretty sure what she's been doing. I told the nurse and they were going to give her a laxative. I'm just glad I'm not around anymore when that takes effect!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, we had to take the wastepaper basket out of mums room for the same reason. what's interesting is that her incontinence has improved a lot since she moved from the general section into the Dementia Unit.

A Single Man said...

I'm always sad and afraid when I read about peoples' declines (even tho' there are some funny characters and stories) as I fear I'll eventually end up there too.

Of course, this is all highlighted for me as I see H heading there quickly.

Now, nothing wrong with me outside of some wicked stress, but still...loss of control is a bit frightening.