Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mother Dear In Wonderland

Mother Dear, my brother and I are sitting in the den. The television is off and mom is sitting in a chair directly across from it.

[POST WRITING BREAK: Mom just summoned me into the bedroom because "there's a girl in there" that she "can't do anything with...she won't talk or anything." No girl, of course, and Mother is perplexed when I turned on the light and showed her no one was there. She pulled back the covers and still nothing. She shrugged her shoulders and I told her to go back to bed.]

Mom: Who's that in there?

Brother: Where?

Mom: In there!

My brother catches on first that she's looking at our reflection in the tv screen.

Brother: It's you!

Mom: What do you mean, it's me?

Brother: Do you think you can go in there and join them?

Me: You'd be like Alice in Wonderland going through the looking glass!

Brother: Wave to them.

Mom waves, sees herself, and just can't figure it out.

Brother: See? It was you all along.

Mom finally puts it together and we all have a good laugh.


Mom said...

Her life must feel to her like she is in Wonderland much of the time. Glad this episode ended with laughter.

citygirl said...

My friend's mom (who also had Alzheimers) had a somewhat similar reaction to the tv, except it was ON!

She thought the tv was a mirror so she would stand in front of the screen and fluff up her hair while looking at her "reflection", sometimes saying she didn't like her hair today ... it was a male newscaster on the screen.

Mark H said...

I too am glad this ended up with some laughter.........