Monday, August 25, 2008

Word Association

Cat #2's name is Chiquita. It is Spanish for "little one" and the kitty is a bit of a runt.

In the middle of the night, Mother came out and headed towards the front door.

Me: [Half awake on the couch.] What's the matter?

She looks out the window beside the door in search of the cats.

Mom: I'm looking for Caffeine.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. It seems that the problems that you are dealing with are so large and heartbreaking. I lost my mother two years ago at age 80. She had an illness that put her into a dreamlike state. Fortunately, it only lasted about two months in it's severest form. To deal with this on a daily basis as you are doing. What a challenge. And yet, it seems that your mother is still able to have a conversation or maybe I should say some language remains. Her physical presence lingers. You've kept a light touch as you report all of her oddities. I wish you well in this long journey.

Gavin said...

Thanks, William, it is a challenge and keeping things light is the best way to deal with it.

Not only does mom have most of her communication skills, she can still read! In fact, she likes to read aloud the news "crawl" across the bottom of the tv screen when there is a storm headed our way. If they mention our town, she recognizes it too, so she has comprehension of what she's reading.

The brain is just so mysterious.