Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yep, I Smell Like Fish

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled Do I Smell Like Fish? that discussed the potential benefits of Fish Oil / Omega-3 fatty acids to delay the onset of Alzheimer's.

Here's a follow up:

I was taking a single 1000 mg capsule a day. Some dieticians say 3000 mg per day but common sense says that's way too much. I have to figure that a single piece of salmon wouldn't even generate 1000 mg and those same dieticians say fish should be incorporated into one's diet in three meals a week.

I'd take it with lunch so it was on a full stomach and I didn't drink soda so there was no carbonation to cause the fish taste that others had complained about.

But I have stopped taking it for a couple of reasons:
• I didn't have fish breath, but I developed noticeable body odor.
• I just haven't felt quite right since I started it. I have been tired despite not doing anything.
• I am feeling depressed which is exacerbated by the crappy feeling.

I don't know if I'm fighting a sickness or if it is directly related to the fish oil. I've learned that this same generic blah feeling can be a warning pre-cursor to my kidney stones moving. Trust me, I hope it was the fish oil.

I'll probably add it back in a few weeks to see if the symptoms come back. I can manage the body odor but not the ill feeling.


proudprogressive said...

hmmm, sounds like a personal problem to me !! just kidding. I place no stock in fish oil, but what do i know. I sure hope you get to feeling better, and kidney stones YIKES lets hope not, as i am told its as painful for men as giving birth is for women. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemey. I hope you get to feeling right again, Winter in Albany can be hard , cold and dark. So feel better soon !

hugz - prog.

Anonymous said...

i just started taking fish oil capsules yesterday (3/20/09) and today when taking off my shirt noticed it reeked of fish. after a couple minutes in my backpack alongside my minty fresh orbit gum the shirt smelled good. so maybe the ticket is to rub peppermint all over yourself every morning while taking fish oil capsules.