Friday, December 14, 2007

Crazy Urges Of Pregnancy?

I think my mother may be pregnant. Okay, perhaps there's a full moon tonight? If that's the cause of her behavior, there must have been one last week, too. Remember I wrote:

She just returned from the kitchen with a bowl of ice cream and a slice of pumpkin pie on top. It's pie a la mode, only upside down!
She just had two big slices of pizza for dinner after telling me she wasn't very hungry. Then she headed out to the kitchen to get some ice cream for dessert. Now she's returned with a bowl of macaroni salad and a slice of cherry pie on top. She insists it's delicious!

1 comment:

proudprogressive said...

Hmmm sounds a lot like the "munchies" to me.
she says its delicious , she is enjoying it - it beats the alturnative.