Monday, October 22, 2007

Secret Stash Of Pork And Rice

Yesterday I baked center loin pork chops and made rice for a mid-afternoon lunch/dinner. The cause of eating is always a good way to get mother dear to take a break from picking up leaves in the yard.

I'm all about doing things quickly when it comes to cooking...I used teriyaki-flavored 30 Minute Marinade from a bottle for the pork and boiled minute rice. Hey, I never claimed to be a culinary expert. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that I have to cook for mom, I probably wouldn't even do that much for myself.

It was quite a bit of food. I cut up the pork chop for Mom since she can't figure out how to use a knife and fork together. She sits and stares at it before giving up with an "I don't know how to eat this" expression of exasperation.

Every night when I set her dinner in front of her, she always says, "That's too much food" or "I'll never eat all that," to which I always reply, "Just eat what you can," and then she manages to eat it all.

Yesterday that wasn't the case. She gave up about half-way through. She took her dishes out to the kitchen and I heard her scraping her plate before she washed it. Later in the evening, the cats were begging for food so I looked in the "wet" trash bag by the sink (we don't have a garbage disposal) to get them a couple pieces of pork as a treat. I couldn't see any of mom's leftovers...I thought they must have fallen to the bottom of the bag and I had no intention of digging through it. Too bad for the cats, I thought, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Ah, and then this morning I go into the cupboard to get a coffee mug. And that's where I find the pork and rice. They are in an uncovered Tupperware container. So she got it half right. She wanted to save it and she put it in an appropriate container, it just didn't make it to the refrigerator.


RG said...

Could be worse - milk in the cabinet and cereal in the fridge.

Greg said...

Yup, I recognise that sort of behaviour from my Mum. Mind you, in the past I've just stopped shy of absent-mindedly brushing my teeth with my razor, so I don't feel I can judge...

By the way, THANK YOU for linking me. I just noticed. I must add a 'Links' section, too.


proudprogressive said...

Gotta look on the bright side as you do - she did get it half right and at least it was in a discoverable place. Beats finding it a yr from now. In some corner of the living room or something ie. under the couch.