Friday, October 12, 2007

Preemptive Strikes

Mother says the same things over and over; asks the same questions over and over. Now it's pretty easy to finish her sentences, which is kinda ironic, since more and more she can't finish them herself.

One thing that irritates me is her constantly asking "What was that?" at every sound. And she's got hearing like the bionic woman so it all the time.

I've turned the irritation into a game. Now, whenever I hear something, I preemptively strike with my own, "What's that?" That puts her mind off its game. The fact that I say it first leaves her speechless. She still wonders about the noise but doesn't say anything.

Petty, I know, but sometimes ya do what ya gotta do to keep from going crazy!


proudprogressive said...

creative solution ! you watch ..though poor dear, it will be engraved in your brain. Once i had a neighbor family - in albany actually lie, that would constantly ask one another "whats the matter with the baby?" now there is nothing funny on the face of that..but it was the voice inflections they had..that makes me laugh to this day - when i think of that phrase.

whats that ? you say ?

A Single Man said...

That's a great trick!

I've found that rather than getting PO'd, all I have to do is redirect H to something very nicely. Works with kids too!

ArichNY said...

You are so cute!