Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Trip To The Country

Today I took mother dear for a ride in the country. It's the same route I've written about before with a little extra side excursion thrown in since it was such a beautiful day here.

We started out going to Bennington, VT and had lunch at a local place popular for its ice cream. It's your standard walk up place where you order at the window on the left and pick up at the window on the right and then sit at picnic tables arrange around the building. Mom wasn't very hungry so I got her a hot fudge sundae with lots of whipped cream. She loves ice cream so this was a nice treat for her. From there, we made our way back to New York and drove through the countryside before landing back home.

She was happy for the trip and getting out of the house where she is trapped. I know that tomorrow she'll be back to, "I don't go anywhere," and will have forgotten the whole trip. Oh, well. It was nice for the three hours it lasted!


Mom said...

You will remember the joy of yesterday long after the memory of the dailiness has faded away. You are a good son!

proudprogressive said...

Sounds like a really lovely drive YOY and can't beat an ice cream sunday. You are a good son. All i can figure is she must have been pretty terrific in her day , to inspire such devotion and care. And if she was not perfect (and whose parents are?) She must have done so much right.

Keep hanging in there and enjoying the summer. Reading about these details you put into your posts create a vivid and enjoyable picture..thank you for the blog.

Hope the respite care is helping you to get out and stretch your legs and enjoy a few carefree hrs here and there.

and the new hair do - was a great way to go. Shorter hair is much easier to maintain and be "pretty" too. And a body wave to boot..whoo hoo !