Thursday, March 15, 2007

He's A Bastard

Rosie O'Donnell is a talk show host and currently moderates an hour-long morning gabfest called The View that was put together by Barbara Walters. Donald Trump is a gazillionaire real estate developer and all-around relentless egotistical self promoter. He also has an evening television program called The Apprentice where contestants vie for the chance to join his organization.

In December, they shared a nasty feud that took place on her show and blog and he appeared on every television outlet he possibly could to trade public insults. Trump's favorite appearance is on Entertainment Tonight which is a light news program that concentrates on celebrities.

The Apprentice is sinking in the ratings so he's looking for ways to cause some controversy and get some free publicity. He made terrible comments about her admission that she suffers from depression as shown you can see in the above clip.

ET, quick to seize on the controversy, ran ads during the afternoon to drum up viewers. They included the comments by Trump about Rosie, to which my mother declared with anger, "He's a bastard!"

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