Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Seizure This Morning

Mom had a siezure this morning. The same as what happened on New Year's Eve. Last time nothing was gained by a call to 911 except three days in the hospital with no answers other than, "Yup, it was a seizure." I have her resting on the couch now.

Making things worse is the snowstorm we had last night. I haven't measured yet but I think we got about 18" of snow last night. We have 3' of snow at the end of the driveway where the road plows went by.

The top photo is a fawn that's part of a momma, poppa, and baby deer setup in our backyard. I completely reworked the entire area over this past summer. After a dump truck full of top soil, some decorative blocks as a mini retaining wall, an iron trellis, and a lot of planting, you can see some of the fruits of my labors in the bottom photo. The trunk in both photos is the same pine tree.

This year the area will be loaded with daffodils in the spring. All of the perennials should really have taken hold and this area of the yard will burst with vegetation and color in the summer. Cat #1 is in front of the momma deer and she is actually hunting/playing here — there is a mouse running around under the dusty miller.

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Mom said...

Your mom must have done something right. She raised a son who honors her every day.You are on my hero list.