Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI Sunday

The Scene: Watching the Super Bowl being broadcast live from Miami, Florida on TV. Miami is 2000 miles south of is warm and raining there, but it sure beats the frigid cold here (it will be 0ºF tonight).

Here in the U.S., today is a bit of a special day. It's where we award the American-style football team with the trophy for being the ultimate winner of the 2006-07 season. Termed the 'Super Bowl', it is the final game played after a series of playoffs. This year the final two teams are the Indianapolis Colts vs. the Chicago Bears.

Over the years it has grown in its hype. A lot of people throw themed parties where the main food group can accurately be called "crapola." Entrees include potato chips (you might call them crisps) with sour cream-based dip; tortilla chips with tomato-based salsa and/or guacamole dip; and deep-fried chicken wings slathered with ultra-hot sauce. As most of the northern U.S. is freezing in winter cold, the games are always scheduled to be played in a city in a warmer climate.

This program is the most-watched of the year so advertising has become a major side show. Advertisers roll out their most clever efforts to see who can create the most buzz. Talk at work on Monday with be as much about the commercials as about the game. Companies and advertisers can make or break their reputations on this one event. The ads even warrant their own special web site.

Half time draws the top entertainers. Most notable of these were U2 — absolutely incredible in 2002 after 9/11 with a special tribute to the victims. This year, Prince will be performing.

Me: Noticing that it is pouring rain at the game, "Boy, it sure is raining!"

Mom: "Are the cats in?"


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. I enjoy it. My mother has alzheimer's also. I glad you can find the humor in a sad situation. My mom has started talking to herself in the mirror. This past weekend I was over at mom's house to give her a bath. As we were finishing getting her dressed, as she put on her glasses she looked in the mirror and said "Your back!". I said "What?" Mom pointing to the mirror said "I just said that she was back." So I said "I didn't even know she had gone anywhere." This made her bellylaugh.
Thanks for sharing.

Gavin said...

Glad you found me! I hope that each of us finds the humor and patience that this requires. I try to capture the funny things here but it isn't always easy that's for sure!