Monday, February 05, 2007

Clock Feature Added

As I review my stats for this blog, I'm always amazed that so many folks are visiting from countries other than the U.S. For my American readers, I hope you will be patient as I explain things that you may take for granted such as yesterday's Super Bowl post.

For those of you that live in places that are far, far from here, I thought it would be informative to add a clock in the left hand column of this site so you know what time it is here on the U.S. East Coast when you visit!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving your foreign visitors a thought!

Gavin said...

I have very good friends that live in London so I'm always conscious about taking things for granted. When I write to them about the weather I always make sure to say "F" and if I'm talking about extreme weather, I usually convert it into Celsius so they feel the impact.

For instance, this morning it was -2ºF / -19ºC. And that's without wind chill. Brrrrrr!