Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Soap operas, that is. So named because they are melodramatic programs aimed at selling home cleaning products to stay-at-home housewives. In fact, the CBS network programs in this post are all produced by soap giant Proctor and Gamble.

Every day like clockwork, probably for 30 years or more, Mom has watched her daytime serials. When she was working, she would tape them with the VCR (a subject worthy of a post or two of its own) and watch them when she got home.

It is something she looks forward to every day. Starting at 12:30 with her favorite Young and the Restless. As the afternoon goes on, she progressively loses interest as Bold and the Beautiful and As the World Turns come on.


Max Ambrose said...

I just discovered your blog today. I am sure that I will be a frequent visitor as my step-mother has pick's disease, an ugly relative of alzheimer's. Your blog gives me an idea of what is to come. I like the "everyday-ness" of your is like a view into your experience.

Thanks for sharing with us,

Gavin said...

Welcome aboard, Max. Sorry to hear that you will be in a similar situation as mine. While there are plenty of times that challenge my patience, I'm trying to keep this blog upbeat and positive. There are good and bad times...I'm going to write about the good ones here!