Monday, December 11, 2006

Red Light, Green Light

It's that time of year. Time to get out the holiday decorations and gussy up the house. Our neighbors love to put up lights and displays and they were somewhat disappointed when I told them I had no plans to do likewise. Bah, humbug. I always boast that when I lived in California, we always went all out at Christmas and Halloween and even did quite a bit on Easter.

After I returned home one night, I was a bit ashamed that our house was a dark blot on our otherwise brightly lit street. I had a twinge of guilt so I have compromised. I purchased three green and three red floodlights. That has provided maximum effect with minimal effort on my part. A bit pricey at $100 for the bulbs, stand/sockets, extension cords, etc. but any extra that I paid up front I've more than made up for in the lack of labor to put them in place. No staple guns, tangled strings, burned out bulbs. I'll also benefit on the back end when I just pull up six stakes, wind up the cords, and that'll be that.

The effect of the lights from the street is that the whole house is bathed in alternating green and red light. We have white aluminum siding that lights up and reflects rather nicely. From the inside, the lights glow and illuminate the venetian blinds in all the windows. Mom just can't figure it out. "What are all those damn lights?" "Who put those damn lights up?" "Someone's shining green lights in our windows and there's red ones in the bedroom." Explaining they are holiday lights brings an understanding nod, until the next time she notices them and says the same thing!


ArichNY said...

I LOVE it! Got me chuckling again!

Unknown said...

I read your blog every now and then hoping you added something new again. I love reading about you and your mom's life. It probably isn't easy around there all the time, but I think you're doing a great job. Your mom sounds like a lovely person. Keep up the good work!

Gavin said...

Thanks know what my life is like!

Whipped Cream, glad you've decided to check in with me! I tried to leave a message on your blog...thought I was having problems and in the end I may have left you several of the same thing. Sorry!