Friday, December 01, 2006

Bruno Magli Shoes?

O.J. isn't the only one that said they wouldn't wear "ugly ass" shoes.

Mom and I...despite my show of disinterest...have gone through the contents of her closets. This is one of the things she gets in her mind and we go through time and time again. She pulls everything out, looks it over, shows it to me, and then lays it on the bed. It's like a treasure hunt and she always asks, "Where did all these things come from?"

Today she pulled out all her shoes. She found a bunch where she had bought the same style in several colors. She's had them a while and I'll admit they are a bit ratty. Her comment was that they were ugly and she didn't know who would wear such things. I pointed down at the pair she had on her feet and said, "You would." That really made her laugh!

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