Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Air Spray vs Hair Spray

Mom took a shower last night without constant harping and nagging. Hooray!

The shower is the most stressful thing in her life. The water bothers her, the confined space bothers her, and the confusion on which cleansing products to use bothers her. There have been times when it has caused so much anxiety that she gets so weak she crumbles on the bathroom floor and I have to work on getting her up and to the bed. With such a reaction, I understand why she avoids it so.

Yes, yes, yes. We've bought a chair for the shower so she could sit and wash (she hated it), suggested clear shower doors instead of a curtain (she hates change more than showering), and explaining which is the shampoo and body wash (in one ear and out the other).

But, oddly enough, if she is going to shower she prefers to do it when I'm not home. Last night I went grocery shopping and the deed was done when I got home. I'm just happy it's done. Last week, when I returned from the market, I thought she had showered. I asked her, and she replied, "Yes." I went in the bathroom to put something away and there were no wet towels and no residual humidity. I called her on it and she laughed. "I didn't think you'd go so far as to check!"

She always sprays her hair to keep it in place. I had to relocate the air freshener after catching her using Renuzit as an Aquanet replacement. All spray cans look the same. It didn't do anything for her hair, but she smelled like a citrus breeze!

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