Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to those that celebrate it.

The woman in the room across the hall from my Mom's has a constant chant that she yells:

"I love my God, and He loves me! Yes He does!"

Then she blurts out the name and address of the church she's attending in her mind. I have a feeling this must be something she used to say a lot in worship services. I hope that her faith is giving her some strength through her dementia.

Her declarations are in between her similar chants:

"Harry! Where's my Harry?"

"I love my Harry, and he loves me! Yes he does!"

"Wanda! Where's my Wanda?

I don't know who Harry and Wanda are, but Harry doesn't fair so well in other things she yells out!


Latane Barton said...

Hope your Easter was a good one. The picture of the little chicks is cute. They almost look real.

Mom said...

Faith is a powerful comfort. It was my mom's rock long after the rest of mind no longer functioned.
The local Italian Ice place here sold Peeps flavored ice for Easter. Tasted just like a marshmallow Peep.

Lacey said...

Marshmallow peeps flavored ice? that's just wrong.

citygirl said...

My mom's faith was one thing that never really left her. She was always happy to attend the in-house prayers/service at her home. Always knew every word of every prayer too. I don't know how God lets such faithful people suffer such a horrible fate as Alzheimer's.

Poor Harry.