Friday, January 08, 2010

Mum's The Word

Not sure if this title translates overseas or not since y'all use "Mum" as we use "Mom."

"Mum's the word" is similar to "tick a lock" and "don't spill the beans." In other words, don't say anything in order to keep a secret.

Mother Dear has been very quiet the last few times I've visited. She's having more and more difficulty finding appropriate words and forming sentences. I think it's less bothersome to her if she just doesn't attempt so she stays silent.

I talk to her, narrating the things I see going on around us, and then ask a Yes or No question. Sometimes she shrugs because that involves some reasoned thinking even though it would only be a one word answer.

I had the opportunity to chat with one of the activities directors yesterday. She spoke of the challenges of having everyone get along. Certainly, I have noticed that some residents just don't like each other. The director said she takes notice of who gets along and makes sure they wind up sitting together on the various couches. She told me that Mom and a new gal Kay get along well. In fact, they were sitting together while I was there.

Kay is a bit a nosy. She's got great ears, and if folks are talking about something, she'll be right over to offer her assistance. Not in a bad way, she just wants to help. However, this behavior gets her into trouble with some of the grouchy residents.

Yesterday the staff had her folding a large laundry bag of washcloths to keep her busy. I know this is an activity that most elder residences employ since it is a relatively easy task and provides a sense of accomplishment. I told Kay how well she was doing and that it was clearly a big job that she had undertaken.

She smiled wide, responded with some gibberish, and reached in to get another to fold.


Mom said...

Being old is very hard

Lacey said...

my MIL died a few months ago, after nine long years in a nursing home. Truly, may she rest in PEACE, finally.

Lacey said...

and I miss her. the her from forty years ago. she was good to me.