Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy Twenty Ten!

Things have been pretty uneventful on the Mommy front. It has been snowing here so I missed going up on New Year's Eve.

Last Tuesday provided a couple of nice events, although one was kinda creepy.

When I arrived, "UConn" the attendant (so nicknamed because she wears a University of Connecticut sweatshirt) told me that Mom was sitting on the loveseat in the corridor by her room. She does seem to like that spot and sure enough that's where I found her.

I could tell she was sleepy. After I sat next to her and tried to engage her in some conversation, I realized she just wasn't into chatting. We sat quietly, and after she fell asleep, so did I. When I awoke, her hand was resting on mine. So sweet.

Houdini, the resident known for his propensity to escape, came down the hallway and stood across from us. When he's in a certain mood, he goes from one door to the next and gets outside, triggering the alarms each time. After he stood there for a while looking at us, he crossed the hall and stood beside me. Being watched makes me feel uncomfortable. I considered that perhaps he wanted my seat, so I told Mom I was going to her room to check on things.

I went down and made sure everything was in order. I watered the plants which are doing surprisingly well. The furniture had been rearranged and it looked like they'd come through and steam cleaned the carpet.

When I got back, Houdini was sitting where I had been. It was dinner time, and an attendant came down to take him to the dining room. I watched as she said that while she was there, she might as well take my Mom down too. Houdini stood up, took Mom's hand to help her up, and away the three of them went down the hall holding hands to supper!

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citygirl said...

Love the Houdini nickname!