Saturday, July 18, 2009

Whoops! Online Sales Error

I've been selling my mother's VHS tapes and CDs on Amazon since December. When you buy something on Amazon, there is a button you can choose for 'New and Used' that are sold by individuals and small businesses, and that's where these appear. Every week, I put a bunch more on, and I'm up to 175 items.

I started with the VHS tapes that were brand new and still in the shrink wrap. Last weekend, I'd made it down to the CDs that were opened but still in excellent condition. I have about 25 opened VHS tapes that are yet to be offered. In reality, most of these opened items will sell better at a garage sale but this is a good avenue until then.

On one of the listings, I selected the DVD version rather than the CD. It sold yesterday and I had to go back to the buyer and apologize for the error. I immediately refunded his money and sent an email to explain and say I was sorry.

I'm hoping he doesn't ding me with a negative feedback rating.

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Greg said...

If you think this is an alzheimer's moment, we're all screwed :D