Sunday, July 05, 2009

Old Habits (Feelings) Die Hard

A couple of things I've noticed:

As I've left the house to run errands over the past week, I found myself in a rush because I always wanted to get back home to Mom as quickly as possible and before it was time for the aide to leave.

This morning, I woke up and listened to see if Mom was awake yet. She'd probably been up and had breakfast already — just in a different place.


Greg said...

As you know, my Mum was only sharing a house with me for a short time but it still took me ages afterwards to get my head straight. It had become second nature for me to consider her before each and every thing I did. Her and her little dog, too.

Gavin said...

Ha! I've still got two cats that rule the roost!

citygirl said...

I always looked for my mom in her usual places around the house, almost expecting to see her there.