Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Alzheimer's Discovery

From a story by Mary Brophy Marcus in the July 14, 2009 issue of USA Today:

A new gene has been identified that may predict the risk for developing Alzheimer's disease, according to scientists at Duke University Medical Center, who presented their findings on Sunday at the International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease in Vienna, Austria. The gene, TOMM40, alo may help pinpoint the approximate age at which the brain-degenerating disease briefings to manifest itself, says study author Allen Roses, director of the Dean Drug Discovery Institute at Duke. Roses was the first to identify the apolipoprotien E (APOE) genotypes that also are linked to Alzheimer's risk. Other experts are cautiously optimistic. "Before anybody gets really excited about this, it will have to be confirmed in a different and bigger population," says William Thies, chief medical and scientific officer at the Alzheimer's Association.

The scientific community is making great strides!

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