Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Always Something

I left this comment over on Greg's Wits' End blog and thought it would be worthwhile to repeat here.

My physical health is pretty good with increased energy although the mental stuff has brought back the stomach aches.

I've noticed that I'm still stressed but for different reasons. I used to be worried about the 24/7 commitment to watching over Mom. Now I'm worried because I can't watch over her 24/7 and protect her!

It's always something!


Greg said...

I guess it'll take you a while to adjust to your change in circumstances. If you didn't worry about her you wouldn't be the man we've all come to respect so highly.

citygirl said...

I used to worry about mom all the time at the home, imagining all sorts of things and 99% of the time, she'd be was just my own tortuous mind making me worry. However, there was a time here or there were she clearly wasn't having a good day and perhaps needed a little extra care that she wasn't getting. It was like feeding fuel to a fire for my worrying!

Unknown said...

This is one of those situations where it may be best to focus on the positive. Even though my own parents lives are not what I would ever want for them or what they had ever expected for themselves, thankfully they are not suffering. Once I realized that happy and comfortable are as good as it can get for them at this stage of their lives it helped me a lot. There are still difficult moments however so far nothing significant enough to make me not feel well.

YOU are a good man and deserve to focus on ensuring that you are happy and comfortable and that you enable yourself to enjoy your own life while you can.