Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The "Universal" Remote

I was in the living room watching television. About 9 p.m. I had left Mom asleep out in the den in front of the tv out there.

She awoke and was ready for bed. She always tries to turn off the television but can't figure out the remote. Sometimes she gets lucky and hits the power button and it's mission accomplished.

I heard the television go off and in a couple of minutes, mom was behind me asking for my help to shut things down. I turned and she was holding the remote control.

I told her that the television was off and that everything was ready for her to go to bed. She was insistent, so I followed her out. She was trying to turn off the porch lights using the remote control.

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Greg said...

This is both poignant and sweet, as your stories often are. I get the sense that you respond as I did in finding an event like this both alarming and also fascinating.

In truth, I don't feel far removed from making a similar mistake late at night, when all my brain will tell me is "this switch for off", whatever the device.