Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yummy Yankee Eucalyptus Tart

Mom can't prepare anything to eat for herself. Before I moved home, she was still able to heat frozen dinners in the microwave. But that knowledge is gone.

Now she "makes" pudding by peeling off the foil cover. She also unwraps the candy on the counter, such as Hershey's Kisses, and eats that. Her favorite is ice cream and she isn't able to get a dish for herself. She doesn't even know that it is in the freezer.

Over a month ago, we had an ice storm here and we lost electricity for about a day. We have a lot of candles of all types, sizes, scents, etc. I pulled out a bowl full of tea light candles. These were convenient for me to place around the house when it was dark.

Since then, the bowl has been on the to where the treats usually are placed.

Then the other morning, I discovered the bowl of candles on the couch wih a Yankee Candle Eucalyptus Potpourri Tart candle next to it. The candle had the cellophane removed and a nibble taken out of it. I can't imagine that it was too appetizing since it was green and smelled like eucalyptus — she only took one bite!


Greg said...

Oh it feels bad to do so but I'm giggling at that.

I'm glad it was nothing worse than a candle.

Mom said...

She is smart enough not to take 2 bites.

A Single Man said...

Yup, I giggled just a bit too, but then I felt guilty and then I felt sad that you are losing mom in this way.

It must be really hard to watch her not be able to tell reality from fantasy and not be able to know what is and isn't food or where frozen items are stored.

My guy isn't there (yet), but he's just as bizarre in his own way.