Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Love A Parade

Part of the service provided by the agency that sends the aide is a monthly visit by a nurse. She takes Mom’s temperature, blood pressure, and does a general assessment of her physical health.

Nurse: [To mom.] So how have you been?

Mom: Oh, pretty good.

Nurse: What have you been up to?

Mom: Well I was in a parade the other day…on the road just up over the hill. [She points toward the hill in the direction of the main road.]

Nurse: Wow! That’s great! [Nurse looks at me smiling and nodding affirmation of what a wonderful thing she’d just heard.]

Me: [Shaking my head ‘no’ and winking behind my mother’s back.]

Nurse: [Blushing.] Oh.


Greg said...

Well it's good that she's got an active life going on in her head. It would be miserable if she knew how restricted her life had become. Perhaps if you carry on watching Star Trek with her it may come about that she's spent time on another planet :)

citygirl said...

This posting made me laugh. So I read it again. And laughed some more. I was in great need of a laugh.

I've been hiding out a bit and not posting. Feeling a bit crappy with "the first Christmas" without mom coming up. Thanks for making me smile.

Gavin said...

Sometimes if you don't laugh, you'll just want to crawl under a rock.

AND, I got to include a clip from one of my all-time favorite movies. This was a two-fer bonus post!

Anonymous said...

I am cracking up so hard!!! Where did she come up with that? Was she watching a parade on tv prior to that or something? Too funny!!!


Annie said...

How funny -- several months ago, my grandmother, who has Alzheimer's, also reported being in a parade! She had the best time seeing friends from "home" who she hadn't seen in decades. ;)

Keep on laughing!