Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Mother dear is always cold. Sometimes I wonder if it is all in her head, but if she touches you with her hand, you just about leap out of your skin. I understand that as we get older, our skin gets thinner, and that's the reason so many of the elderly complain of the temperature.

Mom: It's freezing in here. I wish I knew where I could get some heat.

I went over to the thermostat. It seemed pretty comfortable in the house and I had bumped the temperature up a bit last week when it was around 10˚F outside.

Me: It says it's 70 degrees in here.

Mom: Bullshit!

Me: Oh, so you're right and the thermometer is wrong.

Mom: Don't get smart with me.

Me: You started it.

Yes, sometimes I allow myself to get pulled down to the level of a schoolyard argument.

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citygirl said...

This entry reminds me of the thermostat wars that we used to have!

Winter: Mom is always cold, she turns the dial UP (which makes'll see in the next paragraph where I'm going)

Summer: Mom is always cold, turns the dial DOWN. Yes, DOWN. She could not grasp that turning the dial down in the summer was really asking the thermostat to make it COLDER in the house so the A/C would be set to 60F and blowing 24 hours a day. She was completely confused by this so she would open every window in the house remarking "it's warmer outside than it is in the house!"

We finally put a clear lock-box around the thermostat which completely ticked mom off! Oh, the funny little wars that we had...