Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Our Aide Interviewed Here For Local Newscast

The local ABC affiliate WTEN was here at 1:30 to film a piece on my mom's aide for the evening news. The story is about the effect of high gas prices on folks that have to drive to their various jobs throughout the day.

They said they wanted a shot of her driving down our street to our house. Of course, I worked like a dog out in the front yard to make sure our house was a perfect backdrop. I trimmed. I raked. I even gave the mailbox a fresh coat of silver paint and its flag a refresh of red.

Who knows, maybe someone will see the piece and hire me for my very own gardening show. Oh, c'mon, one can dream, can't he?

The story appeared 5 minutes into the 6 o'clock newscast! They asked me to do an on-camera interview but I declined. It was really about the aide so neither Mom nor I appeared in the piece. The yard looked good! :)

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