Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Crazy Lady In A Jewelry Store A Kid In A Candy Shoppe

Mom has rediscovered her jewelry and she's got it all out. She's got rings, she's got necklaces, she's got bracelets, too. She's got earrings, she's got stick pins, she's got brooches, some good as new.

She inspects every piece and tries them all on. By the time she makes it through, she starts in at the beginning because it all looks new again.

Of course, she has to show me every piece. (I think to myself, "Yes, it's pretty, just like the last 10 times you showed it to me.") If it weren't for the fact that it keeps her occupied, I'd be more irritated.

Now she has it in her head that she needs to give it away since it is so beautiful and someone should enjoy it rather than having it sit in her dresser unused. An idea I don't necessarily disagree with. She's already given two pieces to the aide and is threatening to put up a card table in the front yard to sell the rest. That would be quite the spectacle.

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