Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation Recap

Alzheimer's Moments regular reader Greg of Wits' End asked about my vacation in the comments of the previous post. I did a full recap on my other blog, Why Oh Why?. Here are the links. If you're staying home this summer and want to take a virtual vacation, this may fit the bill!

UT Trip: Utah State Capitol & Capitol Hill
UT Trip: Around Salt Lake City
UT Trip: Temple Square
UT Trip: The Seagull
UT Trip: Utah Olympic Park
UT Trip: Around Park City
UT Trip: 8,000 Foot Trail & Wildflowers
UT Trip: Final Odds & Ends
I made the trip because I have friends in Park City, not because I'm a Mormon, which seems to be a frequently asked question.

It was a great trip and I'm rejuvenated! Next week, the aide is taking her vacation at the beaches of Maine so I'll need some extra energy. That, and the fact that it has been very hot and humid here...kinda soupy!


Greg said...

How many times is it going to take before I learn to check your other blog before asking?.... Sorry, Sir. Bad Greg!

Gavin said...

No worries! It is a good reminder for me since I don't have much cross over in my readerships. And it gave me an idea for a post which is definitely a good thing. It's all about content! :)