Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some Much Deserved R & R

I managed to get away to New York City for four days from May 15-18. I was getting edgy and, quite frankly, my patience was wearing thin where I would get bitchy on the 10th time my mom would ask a question. I'd normally last to the 100th time! I'm exaggerating to make a point. When I'm in good spirits I never get to the point of exasperation.

My brother came down and stayed with mom for the time I was gone. For a full recap of my weekend with lots of photos, check out this post on my Why Oh Why? blog.

BTW, I know I still owe y'all my assisted living center recaps.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see you are hangin in there, and oh wow that swing !! horay on so many levels..awesome to see you vacationing too. Heaven knows you need and deserve it more then a lot of us - just the facts. And yes i have been remiss, and not visited ,not only your blog, but too many others as well - and you and your mom have been on my mind, believe it. So yes more then a few of us are curious about the assisted living recaps..and where all of that is at..OH and i so feel the same way about animals licking plates or eating/sharing food..hell i love mine to death but as you said in so few words...err no i am not gonna be swapping spit with our beloved pets for the obvious reasons you mentioned...thank you !