Monday, February 18, 2008

Lack Of Posts

I have been feeling under the weather so my posting has been infrequent to say the least. It has really been all winter and I finally went to the doctor last week.

My symptoms were being exhausted all the time, sleeping nearly 16 hours a day and still having a lack of motivation to get up. His diagnosis was to test my thyroid and to recommend a sleep specialist. I am going to pursue each of these. As it so happens, as I mentioned in my last post, the furnace went out. Since it was replaced, I have been feeling much much better. It's possible the heater was putting out something that was making me ill. Until I hear back on the blood tests, and get more time feeling better, I won't know for sure.


Greg said...

That's frightening about your furnace. Thank goodness you had it replaced if it was giving out, say, Carbon Monoxide. I hope that's it. Otherwise, we have some synergy between us. I was sleeping those sort of hours for a while and still waking up exhausted. In my case I was treated for depression (for years) until I took a sleep study and was diagnosed with sleep apnoea. Now that I'm hooked up to a machine and doing a Darth Vader karaoke every night, I'm (apparently) more energetic. I hope you get whatever it is sorted out. Could just be the stress of dealing with your Mom, I guess?

Gavin said...

greg--yes, I know I have sleep apnea and that's why the doctor recommended the sleep specialist. I take deep breaths in, hold it, then exhale with force as if purging my body and mind of stress. After the doctor visit, I noticed that I do it while I'm awake, too!

I suspect I need a CPAP machine as well. I've had the apnea all my life, though, so I wonder why all of a sudden it is catching up to me. We'll see!