Thursday, January 31, 2008

Starting Aricept Tomorrow

Mom had a doctor's appointment today. When last I discussed Aricept on here, the doctor didn't want to prescribe it because she'd been experiencing weight loss. His prescription at the time was a big bowl of ice cream every day. Now that's a prescription!

I've concentrated on higher calorie foods — and my waist line shows it, too. She is up 4 lbs over the last 4 months so that's good. The doc gave us a starter pack for the Aricept, took some blood to do a work up, and we go for an EEG next Tuesday because she had another seizure-type incident yesterday. It happened when the aide was here so now I have someone who has experienced it as I have and her determination is that it was a seizure. Yup, just like I've been saying all along. If I didn't have to cut up cadavers, I'd be an excellent medical student!

She is already on Namenda and from advice I've received here, on other blogs, and various web sites, I understand that both Namenda and Aricept are good but are better than their sum when used together.

We'll see!


Anonymous said...

well yoy, that is great about the wght gain, and hello yeah , it doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize a seisure , i am profoundly grateful the Aide was there. I do hope the medicine will help your mother. Things have been getting pretty dicey lately - hang in there ! and all you family members , care givers, you hang in there too.

with love and respect - proggie.

Anonymous said...

The aricept has made a really big difference for mum, much more than I ever expected. She used to struggle to 'find' the words for things and become frustrated and then there would be crying episodes. this happened almost daily. gradually with the aricept her speech has improved, she still forgets things and gets muddled but the ability to say something about it has improved so it doesn't end up in tears and tantrums.
I really hope you get a good result with it!

Victor said...

I have just stumbled across your site and will be reading it with interest. I am in Australia and was the sole and full time carer for my mother until her Alzheimers became too advanced and she had to be placed in an aged care facility. Now I am dealing with the issues that arise from having a parent there. It is terrific to be able share experiences.

Gavin said...

welcome victor! I try to keep things on the lighter side here so hopefully you'll nod your head knowingly and get a laugh or two!