Wednesday, January 09, 2008

In-Home Aides Part 3: What Pricing Can You Expect?

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Here in upstate NY, it seems that the going rate is around $20/hour. These are U.S. dollars for you international readers.

Initially, the "insurance company negotiated rate" was $19.50/hour with a 2 Hour/$42 minimum. We just received notice that the rate will be increased to $20/hour with a 2 Hour/$43 minimum. Weekends are $0.50 more per hour, with Holidays and Overtime at 1.5X the corresponding rate.

After opening the claim, we had to fulfill a 20 days of care deductible. It didn't matter how many hours a day to meet the deductible so we only scheduled 2 hours for those 20 days since that came out of our pocket and then increased the hours once the insurance started.

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