Saturday, January 05, 2008

In-Home Aides Part 1: Do You Have Insurance?

The subject of in-home health care aides is one that will take a series of posts to explain, so bear with me. I'll use this first post to lay some ground work. I apologize to my long-time readers but I need to bring the newbies up to speed before continuing on.

First, start by reading my explanation of long term care policies.

The policy that my mother purchased years ago has a benefit of about $120/day for in-home care and about $250/day for facility/nursing home care. I'd like to be as specific as possible on this blog but I searched for and couldn't find a copy of the actual policy. Finding the exact numbers isn't worth postponing these posts since the estimates are sufficient for what we'll discuss here.

Given mother dear's condition last summer and my desire for some help/relief, my brother and I decided that we would go incrementally on her care. Start slow with an in-home aide, increase those hours as time goes by and her condition deteriorates, and by the time she needs a nursing home she won't know what's happening anyway. I hope that doesn't sound cruel. The idea is to keep her here in familiar surroundings as long as she is manageable and knows they are familiar.

To make a claim on the policy and activate it, they needed to do an interview with my mom. After that, the claim was approved.

As always, a bit of a disclaimer that these posts are a description of our particular situation and may or may not be even close to what you might experience.

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