Monday, December 24, 2007


Mom is having trouble speaking. It started getting worse about a week ago when she couldn't form coherent sentences. Now she's starting to jumble her words and it sounds like babble. Maybe she's speaking in tongues for Christmas?

I imagine it's like a baby that knows what s/he wants but doesn't quite have the skills of talking or communicating yet.

Tonight we were back on the track of "when are we going home." This is a frequent occurrence with her, thinking that this isn't her home. But when I question where she thinks her home actually is, she has no answer. It's just confusion around those feelings that she doesn't belong here.

Remember that trying to pose a rational argument to someone who's irrational isn't an option. You can reason until you are blue in the face. If she could think logically, she wouldn't be asking these things in the first place.

Things took an interesting twist this time 'round. She was fretting about how we were going to pack up all the stuff so we could take it home with us. The stuffed animals, the things hanging on the wall, and the ceiling. Yes, she thought we should take the ceiling down and bring it with us.

And what are we going to do about all those people on the tv? Where are they going to go?

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Tilly said...

Reassurance is the hardest bit because it doesn't matter how often you do it, unfortunately it's forgotten as soon as the last syllable is spoken. My mother fretted to, about the need to gather everything in, like the harvest. And during her short spell in hospital, she would whisper about all the "guests", asking anxiously "When are they going to go home?" "Where are they all going to sleep?" And she would be indignant about their use of her bathroom, while harvesting their lockers and trays for her possessions that had gone astray...It's not a good time and it needs the patience of Job. But thankfully, Mum is beyond most of that now, and I hope that you will find too, that the babble will unravel itself to become a topsy-turvy new speak. A sort od "desperanto" - bu actually, which isn't that desperate at all.

Keep heart, and keep faith. And if you lose patience, don't beat yourself up.